Hawks announce plans for 2018 -2019

A letter from our Director of Coaching

Livonia, MI (April 30th 2018) 

Hawks’ Families, 

We announced last week that we will not be participating in the DA this coming year. This was a very tough decision, but, as a club, we feel that the ECNL platform will better address the needs of our families and compliments us as a club.  

The ECNL’s holistic approach to the development of the entire player was one of the biggest reasons for our decision. We believe that we can provide a better overall experience for each of our players and families within the programming of the ECNL.  Another important factor in this decision was our ability to include our first two teams into the ECNL for the 2018-2019 season. They have decided that based on the performance of our teams in the league this year, we will be able to have two teams participate moving forward. This gives us the ability to provide 30-40 kids in each age group the opportunity to compete at this elite level.  

So, what does that mean?  What will next year look like?

The club’s plan in 2018-2019 for the 2005s will be to offer 2 ECNL teams to players.   Both teams will be on a 10-month program, that will include conference games, ECNL Showcases and friendly weekends vs top clubs spread over the entire year.

The club’s plan for the 2001s-2004s will be to offer 2 different team options to our players. The first will be a 10-month ECNL program, that will include conference games, ECNL Showcases and friendly weekends vs top clubs spread over the entire year. This team will be selected based on ability first and then the willingness of the player to commit to the 10-month calendar. Players on this team will be allowed to participate in other high school sports, just not soccer. This year round program has been a formula for success for our elite players for the last 5 years.

The Michigan Hawks will also offer 6-month ECNL programming for players, for those players that would like to play high school. The only difference for this group will be that they will play their conference schedule and showcases in the fall and winter, finishing up in early March, before high school starts. There will be an option for a spring showcase team for these players on the 6-month team that choose not to play in high school. 

These players will have access to both GPS and film analysis for this coming year. We will track this data and use it to improve our training sessions and environment. As always, we will be using the proven curriculum and periodization of the Michigan Hawks to help every player work towards an exceptional experience in the club while they work to reach their goals.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Doug Landefeld

Some of the Hawks accomplishments this year:


15 players invited to National Camp 

Alexa Spaanstra,U19,UVA
Summer Green,U23,Chicago Red Stars
Izzy Rodriguez,U20,OSU
Zoe Morse,U20,UVA
Izzy Verdugo U18
Haley Craig U15
Michelle Cooper U16
Natalie Winters U19
 Aidan McConnell U15
Natalie Viggiano U18
Joyelle Washington U16
Maciah Lipsey U17
Jamie Cheslik U23
Emaly Vatne U19 
Josie Aulicino U16


Adil Salmoni is a staff coach with the Michigan Hawks