ECNL vs DA: Why we became and all-in ECNL Club

In April of 2018,
Upon reflection and realizing that our core values were not reflected in US Soccer Development Academy’s mission, we decided to leave the US Soccer DA and chose the ECNL as our top competitive platform.

Here is the presentation we shared with out players and their families.

Attacking Seam 1 Quiz

Welcome to your Through Runs

1. All of the following are basic cues to make a through run except:
The highlighted player has the ball, and the forward for the white team is deciding between two through runs. Based on the positioning of the defense and their shape, which run is a better option?
The white team is attacking to the right, player #1 is about to check to the ball, and the defender will follow. That is a cue for player #2 to:

When you make a through run behind the back line into space as shown below, why should you run across (or parallel with), the back line?
Of the 4 types of through runs we explored, the straight pass to straight run option is the most desirable

Outreach and Counseling

Michigan Hawks Families.

As we continue to help the Hawks’ players and parents through this difficult time, we have reached out to local resources in the counseling profession to help provide guidance, assistance, and support.

Here is their information and they are aware of the situation.

Focused Therapeutic Services
Jami Lukasik, MA, LLP,
Office: 734-741-1331
Cell: 248-672-3787

Liz Mitchell, MS, LLP,
Office: 734-741-1331

Dr. Kim Rubin, LP
Office: 248-387-9495

Additionally, we would like to offer the opportunity for all former and current players and their families to come to a meeting on Thursday at Schoolcraft. Jami Lukasik and I will be there to address concerns in an open forum setting.

The meeting will be at 6:45 at 100 McDowell on Schoolcraft’s campus.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Doug Landefeld

Executive Director of Michigan Hawks

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