We hope to empower girls and young women to want more, expect more and achieve more in soccer and life.

From a soccer perspective, we believe in setting a high standard for our players. We want our girls to continue to push to reach and raise that bar on a daily basis. 

Hawks Directors

  • Michele Krzisnik

    Director of Coaching

    Hawks ’09 ECNL
    Hawks ’05 ECNL
    Hawks ’03 ECNL
    Email: Michele@hawks.soccer

  • Doug Landefeld

    Executive Director

    Hawks ’06 ECNL
    Hawks ’05 ECNL
    Hawks ’03 Dugan
    Email: Doug@hawks.soccer
    Phone: 660-473-6604

  • Adil Salmoni

    Technical Director

    Hawks ’08 ECNL
    Hawks ’07 ECNL
    Hawks ’04 Magic
    mail: adil@hawks.soccer
    Phone: 313-444-3809

player pathways

  • Age Competency Matrix
  • Player-Centered Curriculum

  • Socratic Teaching Method
  • Self Evaluation & Coach Assessment
  • S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting & Planning
  • Physical Performance Assessment
  • Video Review & Scenario Analysis
  • GPS & Heart Rate Monitoring


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