Hawks Higher Performance Program (H2P2)


We are proud to announce the start of our newest player centered project. The Hawks Higher Performance Plan or H2P2 is free of charge to our players and is designed to enhance the individual experience of our top players.

The Hawks Higher Performance Program (H2P2) is an initiative that aims to guide our top players to unlock the optimal performance accelerators and facilitate their progress. The program is player driven and requires strong and honest lines of communication between coach, player and support staff.

We identify players who need performance accelerators beyond the weekly team training and matches and guide them through an individualized and focused process that takes into consideration their goals, age, and primary/secondary position.
Here are some of the accelerators we employ: 
  • Goal setting and Individual Development Plans
  • Playing and training with older players
  • Playing and training with boys teams
  • Functional and position specific training
  • Physical assessment and training

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Adil Salmoni is a staff coach with the Michigan Hawks