Elite Clubs National League

Michigan Hawks
ECNL Member since 2008

Elite competitive platform

We are a proud member of the Elite Clubs National League. The only platform dedicated to elevating standards and experience in all aspects of female youth soccer.

  • Choose to play against the best
  • Choose a proven pathway to college
  • Choose to play other sports
  • Choose to represent your high school
  • Choose to be Amazing Young Women

Tradition of Excellence

Since its inception, the Michigan Hawks have always sought to adhere to the highest standards of player development.
Our teams have won 10 national championships. Our players have achieved unrivaled individual accolades.

More than a club

Hawks are more than just soccer players. Our players are good teammates, outstanding community members, future college team captains, national team players.
Our players grow up to be peerless women.

Players get

Scenario Based Training

Every training session is designed to allow players to identify cues and react collectively to solve problems 

Individual Player Pathways

Every player receives consistent feedback and is encouraged to work with their coaches to identify and implement SMART goals

10 Month Periodization

We moved to a 10 month schedule in 2012. Our aim is to provide our players with elite training and competitive platforms that put the athlete’s health at the center of every decision

GPS and HRM Monitoring

Our players have access to the latest sports science technology. We use performance metrics and workload

Medsport partnership

Injury prevention and return to play programs are integrated in our weekly team and individual training. Our partners also provide weekly physical readiness sessions

College Exposure & Guidance

Our players have access to the most comprehensive and effective college pathways in the country. We attend the best showcases, organize our own college combine and offer seminars and college talks

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