April 27, 2018 – ECNL ID Clinics 2004, 2005, 2006

  •   ECNL ID Clinics 2004, 2005, 200

The Michigan Hawks will be hosting ECNL ID Clinics for 2004, 2005, 2006 birth years on April 27th at Schoolcraft College.  These clinics will allow players from inside and outside the club to come and experience the Hawks’ Culture.  This can be an important information gathering step with tryouts just around the corner.  

These youngest age groups will be the priority of the ECNL next year and will be involved in some of the ECNL’s best identification and development programs.

The ID2 Program, a US Clubs program, which the ECNL is associated with, selects within the youngest ECNL age groups.  

This program invites kids to regional events to play and train with the possibility of an invitation to the National ID2 camp at the Nike complex in Portland, Oregon in August.

The ECNL also features their PDP program which selects players to participate in regional events based on play within the ECNL.

The regional events are used to help identify players not yet on the Youth National Team radar and just as importantly, to help players get exposed to different coaches, players and potentially a completely different level of play.

The ECNL is the best league for your daughter’s competitive youth soccer experience.  Come see what it is all about!

Please sign up if you plan to attend at http://hawks.soccer/events/hawks-open-house-id-sessions-april-2018/

ID2 info. http://usclubsoccer.org/programs/player-identification/id2-program/

PDP info  http://www.eliteclubsnationalleague.com/player-identification/ecnl-player-development-program/

Portland National Camp http://www.eliteclubsnationalleague.com/player-identification/the-ecnl-id2-national-camp/

Please contact Doug Landefeld at doug@hawks.soccer if you have any questions or call 660-473-6604


Adil Salmoni is a staff coach with the Michigan Hawks