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Only the best is good enough since 1974

The Mission

From our inception in 1974, the Hawks have been a pioneer in providing young female soccer players with an unrivaled training environment and access to the most elite competitive platforms in the country.

The Michigan Hawks have become synonymous with excellence in youth soccer. Our players and coaches are held to the highest standards of behavior, performance and dedication.

It is no accident that our teams have won innumerable state and regional championships , our players are playing soccer at the most prestigious colleges and universities and the National Teams have invited 15 of our players to camp in 2017 alone.

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Our commitment to elevating the women’s game and empowering every female player in our club  has only gotten stronger. We are excited to be an all-in club in the Elite Clubs National League . Our unique position in Michigan allows us offer our players with uninterrupted access to the top competition platforms in the country. More of our teams and players will have access to the methods and practices that have helped our top players excel at the national stage.

More than a soccer club

Our players grow up to be, college team captains, national team members, successful professionals, they grow up to be amazing young women.

We are most proud of their altruism and continued efforts to help those in need and serve their communities.

Player Development

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Community Outreach

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